Review: Em Cosmetics Tokyo Plums

So I caved. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I did the shadow junkie in me just couldn’t stop.

I bought one of the Em Eyeshadow Pallets and just had to review it.


The packaging: 5 stars

I know their are some complaints about her Life Palette because most of us hate mixing lipsticks with shadows in the same compact and I’m no different, but I will say for just shadows this palette is great.

It’s slim and clean and magnetic. It’s very sturdy and I wouldn’t hesitate taking it on the road with me at all. Unlike other magnetic palettes I’ve dealt with this one feels of a higher quality and doesn’t feel like it would fall apart after a few weeks.


The price: 1 Star

I get why it’s priced so high no doubt Michelle did really well with Lancome, but as someone who understands profit margin from working with a cheap cosmetics brand I have to say the pricing is unimpressive. Originally the palette is $38, but I paid $25 because it was on sale (surprise they keep having sales. Wonder why?)

Basically at the original price she is asking about $6.33 per color. Sure there is one color with a lot of product, but I’d rather it had been pink and not purple so I could use it as a blush, which now I can’t because purple just wouldn’t work.

$6.33 is a lot per color at most I would say maybe charge $2.50 – $3.00 per color. It would make more sense for the YouTube audience it’s being marketed too as well it would be equal to the color payoff….


The product: 2 stars

Why? It’s lucky it’s getting 2 stars and I’m giving it that because I just worked with a NYX palette of Purples that had worse payoff. I didn’t like the payoff. You can see it in the above photo. The pinks are way too light for my skin tone and perhaps anyones…though I do appreciate the mix of matte and shimmer. The purples were very underwhelming I’d rather use my old BH palette with purples even though the chemicals in that will probably kill me the colors at least are much richer than in the Em Palette.

As for wearability I was so mad. I wore it without a primer and with a primer the fall out was horrible and by the end of the day if it wasn’t all the way off it looked quite muddy. This is why after 2 days I went back to my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, which has stay ability and color payoff.


2013-10-15 22.10.47

You’ll notice I’m fairly pale so the lighter color doesn’t show up that well, but the purples I would expect to be quiet vibrant on my skin tone and they weren’t.

Em Cosmetics

Overall: 2.5 Stars

If you like Michelle and want to try it buy it, but otherwise save your money. I would say and go buy a product that’s try and true. Try out Lorac, Too Faced, MAC, Nars…I mean if your willing to drop money. If not you can probably pick up some of Loreals Infallible shadows and have better luck with color payoff.

Either way I’m hoping they do work on a better formulation that can justify the crazy price point of this makeup that’s really not worth as much as they are selling it for at the moment and I do wish them the best and I want better for the people buying it.

In the mean time I hope you found this review useful if you have any questions just let me know in the comments below and if you’ve tried Em Cosmetics let me know what you thought below after all all opinions are usually not the same.


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