Review! FORMULA X FOR SEPHORA ASAP 3D Nail Appliqués

This one has been a long time coming. I kept meaning to write it out, but alas I am the queen of procrastination. In the mean time in my procrastination I did manage to get a few more products that I’ll hopefully be reviewing while I’m on break.

Now to the review…xformulanails

I love nail polishes. I’m a junky, but because my nails seem to not like the harsh chemicals I can’t paint them as much as I used too and there’s where nail appliques came in.

I love the idea of them and I’ve had great results from other brands and you’ll be happy to know this brand was also great.

1. Application: 4 stars

They give you all the tools you need and if you have a steady hand it should work out better for you than it did me. As you can see on the photo below I had some issues with bubbling, but again I’m not the best applier I just love nail polishes.

2. Quantity: 5 stars

It seems weird to leave this in the review, but for us short nailed girls it makes sense. In this case Formual X gives you about 3 different sets to work with and I’m guessing you’ll typically need two for a full application, but not for this short nailed girl. I was able to use one set for both hands, which makes this a great deal for the money.

3. Staying Power: 4 stars (docked one because I’m not sure how long they really last)

For me these lasted about 3 days before I lost it and took them off. I’m also sadly rough with my nails which is why I keep them short. Between swimming, hiking and weight lifting long nails fail and I can’t stand keeping nail polish on for longer, but for a polish queen these could probably last 7 days just make sure to have clean hands and wash off the excess oil with acetone before applying.

3. Price: 5 stars

$15 bucks. I can’t say much about the price. I hate the fact that most of the time that beauty products have a 300% markup, but in this case I got 3 applications to use and more than 1 days of use so to me it’s worth the money.


And we end with a shot of the ugly nails haha, but hey at least I got them on and they looked great from far away.

Did you try these ones out? If so what was your opinion on them? Also, if you have any application tricks let me know because I obviously need help.

Hopefully my next post isn’t far off. I’m hoping to review the OCC mini’s next…so badger me hopefully I’ll get to it.


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