What To Do? Going To Cancun!


Help! I’m having a slight dilemma. So I recently got a travel credit card with United Miles and I need to book my flight to Cancun. Well I decided to just pay for my flight going in because I wanted to be with the group since I wasn’t sure about how to get to the hotel and what not and it was a Red Eye and cheap for about $211.

Now I have over 37,000 miles right now in my United account to use. My question is this:

Do I use part of those miles and get a saver ticket for the way back?

Do I use 30,700 and go back on the flight with all my friends?

Do I use 30,000 and take two flights back via 1st class?

Or should I cut my losses and save the miles for the trip to New Zealand I’m doing next December?

I know that I could have very well used all the miles and done a saver both ways, but this would have lost me a full day and I wouldn’t have come in with everyone else and hell the inbound ticket was cheap. I feel like anyone who might have advice will say Saver and I think I agree with that a Saver ticket would be 17,000 miles and seems like the best deal. I don’t want to pay for the ticket back because I’m trying to save money and recover from tax season at the moment, but hell if any of you have an idea on this then let me know in the comments.

I could seriously use the advice…thanks to anyone who can help.

Also, if you guys know of any good deals for adventure type stuff to do there like scuba or anything please hit me up with a link below because so far no one in my group has really looked into what we will do when we get there…and we’re going in May so it’s coming up fast.

Thanks Guys